Interested in commissioning a piece of artwork?

Here’s a bit on how the process works:
In Search of Things Forgotten I | 24x36in | Ataria Series

1. Style

What series would you like to commission from?

I have 2 distinct styles of work. Contained Nature is mainly working with inks and Ataria is working primarily with layers of resin and pigments to create a visual depth. 

2. Size

Where are you planning on placing the piece?
What size would you like it in?

I offer complimentary virtual mock-ups in your space to let you better imagine what would fit best. 12x12in is the minimum commission size.

3. Color

If there are certain colors that you’d like to have your work in (e.g. blues and greens with hints of gold), they’ll be noted during our initial consultation. Additional details such as specific textures, material finish, substrate options will be explained in detail if needed as different mediums I use will create those particular finishes.

As a reminder, my work is fluid; meaning no artwork can be recreated exactly. Commissions can be inspired by a piece, but if a specific piece is wanted, please check out my PRINTS section to see what’s available.

4. Timeline

In general, 4–6 weeks is the time needed from the time of the discussed start date to shipping or pickup. There will be 1-2 check-ins  during that time to show the progress of the work and potentially any feedback on the direction of painting.  

Please note, that shipping times is not included within the 4–6 week estimate. If there’s a need for an expedited process, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss. 

5. Payment

Commissions have a 10% additional fee to the price of my regular works due to the personalized nature of the artwork. 

A 50% deposit is required to lock in the commission start date. Payment plans are available so don’t hesitate to inquire if needed.

Illyra by Frankie Hsu - Drift ink painting
Drift | 20x30in | Contained Nature Series


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