Ataria Series

Celestial Cosmos

Red Abstract Resin painting

Ataria emerges from my fascination with the intricate patterns of nature, both at microscopic and cosmic scales. In this series, I explore the interplay of opposing forces, seeking to find harmony between the physical and otherworldly, the soft and hard. By channeling the ethereal qualities of flora, fauna, wind, and water, I aim to evoke a sense of wonder and stimulate the imagination.

My paintings capture fleeting movements, reminiscent of cloud formations and momentary waves. They serve as a metaphor for hope and positivity, providing a respite from the challenges of daily life and allowing me to contemplate the bigger picture.


I primarily use resin as my base and incorporate various techniques and mediums such as acrylic and ink, building up multiple layers to create depth and texture that shifts with the play of light.

The dominant gray and white hues in my works suggest the cloudy characteristics of the sky, which I punctuate with bold and vibrant colors. This interplay of tonality and texture conveys the pulse of the earth and the rhythm of the cosmos, while also evoking a sense of aerial scope and distance. Through this process, I strive to create meditative and tranquil compositions that invite viewers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and mystery of our world.